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                   3 Important Maintenance Tips For Digital Multimeters

The more precise your electrical measuring instrument is, the better you are as a technician. This is the simple truth that often goes overlooked by many technicians. For this reason, manufacturers of high quality products end up buying precisely calibrated test equipment.  Maintaining the equipment, such as a digital multimeter is of utmost importance, to ensure accurate reading of voltage and overall electrical efficiency. So here are a few important tips to maintaining your multimeter.

1.The right setting

Make sure that your multimeter is on the correct setting for the current test. For example, if your multimeter is set at 20VDC scale and you’re measuring 120VAC, the screen will show “OL”. While this does not necessarily harm your meter, it may affect its accuracy.


No deep cleaning is required for multimeters. You can do it by swiftly wiping it with a damp (not wet) cloth on its surface. You can easily find specialized cleaning wipes for multimeters to get accurate readings and to keep them dust free.


Make sure that you store your digital multimeter only in a dry place, to avoid them getting damaged due to moisture or water. Moreover, storing them in a case will ensure protection from physical damage.  Also, if you’re planning on storing it for a long stretch of time, remove its batteries. This will help keep corrosion from accumulating at the connections.

Your measuring and test equipment must be handled with care to avoid any mishaps or inaccurate readings.  If want to expand your Quality Control department and are looking for a company that sell and calibrates test equipment, reach out to us at Industrial Instrument Works. We are authorized distributors for over 100 leading manufacturers of test & measurement instrumentation.

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