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Industrial Instrument Works has been involved in the repair and calibration business since 1948. Over the years our mission has been to allocate the necessary resources to ensure that the work being performed in our calibration lab is of the highest quality. In 1993 that mission lead us in the direction of becoming NIST traceable.
The NIST series of quality standards are recognized worldwide as representing a company's willingness to sacrifice all else in the name of quality. Currently we are in our fifteenth year of registration, signifying our continued effort to maintain the quality of the repair and calibration services we provide.
Our calibration lab provides; repair, calibration, and modification of electrical and electronic test & measurement equipment. We support a large "in-house" parts supply which provides the fastest turnaround possible. We are able to perform factory like service in considerably less time. Along with repairs, we can provide certified calibration on new and repaired instruments.
When your equipment needs quality repair and calibration, we are committed to helping you achieve that goal. 

Calibration Lab