Kessler Ellis Products (KEP) - Flow Computers, Timers, Ratemeters, & Counters

Knopp - When You Test, Use The Best LFE Instruments - Quality Meters & Meter Relays.  Please contact Industrial Instrument Works for product listing.​

Monarch Instrument - Innovation In Instrumentation

Sencore - Video & Audio Technologies

Rosemount - Measurement & Analytical Instruments.

Rotek - Test Bench, Power Supply, & Power Converter Supplies

Rustrak - Worldwide Leading Chart Recorder Manufacturer.  Please contact Industrial Instrument Works for product listing.

Hoyt - Electrical Test Equipment

Dynapar - Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment

Tektronix - Test, Measurement, Communications, & Video

Texmate - Digital Panel Meters, Bargraphs, & Controllers

Chauvin Arnoux - For the Best in Electrical Test & Measurement Instruments

Greenlee - Professional Grade Wire and Cable Tools

High Voltage - VLF Hipot Instruments

Crompton - Analog & Digital Meters, Meter Relays, Transducers, Protector Relays, & Three Phase Monitors

Norbar Torque Tools - Torque Testing Equipment

Dynalco - Speed Measurement Instruments

Crystal Engineering - Pressure Is Our Business

Bacharach - The Measurable Difference

Wika - WIKA Delivers Unmatched Instrumentation Solutions Including a Wide Variety of Customized Products For Critical Applications

Stresstel - Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

Proto - Torque Testing Equipment

Protek - Manufacturers of Electronic Components

AEMC Instruments - For The Best In Electrical Test & Measurement Instruments

The VON Corp - Manufacturers of Portable High Voltage Test and Cable Fault Locating Equipment Rubber Glove, Sleeve, Blanket, Hose, and Switch Stick Testing Equipment Secondary Service Restoration Equipment

Fluke - World Leader in the Manufacture, Distribution and Service of Electronic Test Tools and Software

Thermo Probe -  Manufacturer of the Highest Quality Specialized Digital Thermometers To Serve the Needs of Petroleum Inspectors, Refineries, Tank Farms, Pipeline Facilities, Rail and Marine Transport

Ertco - Ever Ready Thermometer Company

CR Magnetics - Current Transformers and Transducers

Ronan - Density, Level, Weight, & Radiation Monitoring

Modutec - Quality Panel Instrumentation

Hart Scientific - Calibration of Temperature Sensors Including SPRTs, PRTs, Thermistors, and Thermocouples

Non Linear Systems - Electrical Meters, Counters, & Signal Conditioners

Hioki - Manufacturing Leader in Advanced Test & Measurement Equipment

B & K Precision - Electronic Test Instruments

Bird - RF Measurement and Management in Your World

Danaher Controls- Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment

Meg-Alert - Fully Automated Motor Protection.  Automatic Megohmmeters To Prevent Motor Failure.

Newport - Photonics, Optics, & Mechanics

Brady - When Performance Matters Most.  Professional Labeling and Marking Equipment

Wahl - The World's Finest Manufacturers of Industrial Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Test and Calibration Instruments

Weschler Instruments - Please contact Industrial Instrument Works for product listing.

Olympic Controls - Building Control Specialist

Omega -Complete Line of Thermocouple Instruments & Probes.  Please contact Industrial Instrument Works for product listing.

Optoelectronics - Unique & Innovative RF Test Equipment

Starrett - Precision Tools & Gauges

STB Instruments -High Quality Products Used By Power Utility Companies.

Ideal - Professional Test Equipment.  Please contact Industrial Instrument Works for product listing.

IFR - Please contact Industiral Instruement Works for product listing.

Pomona - Accessories For Electronic Test Equipment

Prime Technology - Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment

SPX Service Solutions - Specialty Service Tools, Hand-Held diagnostics Systems and Service Equipment, Inspection and Gauging Systems 

 Biddle - The World Leader in Insulation and Ground Resistance Measurement

Sensorlink - High Voltage Sensor Technology

Meriam Instrument - Pressure Measurement, Instrumentation, & Process Measurement Products

Dwyer - Total Instrument Solutions. Please contact Industrial Instrument Works for product listing.

Ashcroft - Pressure And Temperature Instrumentation

McDaniel Controls - Pressure Gauges

Mitutoyo - Calipers and Micrometers

Sycon - Weston & Westcon Tachometer Generators.  Thin Film Solutions From The World Experts in Deposition Control

Phase II Plus - THE LEADING MANUFACTURER OF Machine Tool Accessories, Material Testing Instrumentation, Precision Measuring Tools

Marsh Bellofram - Electrical Test Equipment

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Cole Parmer -Delivering Solutions You Trust. Please contact Industrial Instrument Works for product listing.

Colombia -Tong Tester Ammeter.  Please contact Industrial Instrument Works for product listing.

AW Sperry - The Professional's Choice

Beta - The Worldwide Source For Calibrators in the Process Industry

Megger - The World Leader in Insulation and Ground Resistance Measurement

TIF Instrument - A Leader In HVAC/R Test, Measurement and Service Equipment For Today's Professional


HD Electric - Electrical Safety Equipment

Herman H. Sticht - Test & Measurement Equipment

Dickson - Please contact Industrial Instrument Works for product listing.

GE Inspection - Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment

Gardner Bender - Electrical Tools and Professional Equipment

Emerson Process - The Industry's Broadest Array of Process-Automation Products

Simpson - World Class Quality You Can Trust

Jewell Instruments - Quality Panel Meters and Accessories

NK Technologies - AC & DC Current Sensing Devices

Scientific Columbus - Power Instruments & Tansducers

Belfort -  The Standard of Measurement. Please contact Industrial Instrument Works for product listing.

Transmation - Process Control Calibrators

Triplett - Quality Test Equipment Since 1904

GE Sensing - Non Destructive Testing Equipment

Hipotronics - Field Testing & High Voltage Test Equipment

Amprobe - The Leader In Electrical, Test and Measurement Equipment For Today's Professional

Vellman - Electronic Kits & Test Equipment

Monarch Instrument - Innovation In Instrumentation

Weston / Westcon - Tachometers in the Westcon Line Are Rugged Built To Convert Rotary Speed To a Linear Output Voltage

Electro-Industries - Specializing in Power Meters, Power Measurement, Energy Meters and Power Analyzer Technology

Tyco Electronics - Electronic Components, Network Solutions, & Wireless Systems

UEI - Test & Measurement Instruments

Vanguard - Reliability Through Instrumentation

Winters - Industrial Instrumentation & Pressure Gauges

Extech Instruments - Make Mine an Extech! Portable Test Equipment and Portable Printers

Hubbell Chance - Products For Electric Utilities, Telecommunications and Construction Industries

Industrial Instrument Works    (800) 435-2254

Druck - Precision Pressure Test Equipment

Jofra - The Leading Manufacturers and Developers of Calibration Instruments For Temperature, Pressure and Process Signals

International Instruments - International Instruments is the World's Leading Manufacturer of Edgewise Panel Meters

Altek Calibrators - Simple Tools For Great Technicians.

Partlow - Temperature Control & Validation

Ralston - Pressure Test Equipment

Ram Meter Shunts - Manufacturer of DC Ammeter Shunts.  Please contact Industrial Instrument Works for product listing.Monarch Instrument - Innovation In Instrumentation

Yokogawa Corporation - Manufacturers of a Broad Range of Portable Test Equipment and Panel Mounted Instruments To Fulfill Numerous Short-Term or Continuous Measurement Applications Requirements

Ametek - The leading manufacturers and developers of calibration instruments for temperature, pressure and process signals

3D Instruments - 3D Instruments manufactures the original Direct Drive Pressure Gauge in test gauge and process gauge accuracies.

Empro - One of The Oldest and Largest DC Shunt Manufactures In The World

Oldaker - Test Leads & Accessories

Perma Cal - Manufacturer of Direct Drive Pressure Gauges & Regulators

Pelican Products - Heavy Duty Protective Cases

Martel - Precision Calibrators, Pressure Equipment, Meters, & Test Tools

Shallco - Quality Design and Manufacturer of Standard, Custom, and Military Grade Switches

Shimpo - Speed Measurement & Torque Testing Products