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4 Tips To Set Test Equipment Calibration Frequency

For businesses involved in product manufacturing and fabrication applications, it is important to keep up with industry standards regarding test equipment maintenance. This is essential to carry out test procedures without facing any compliance issues. Following test equipment calibration and maintenance procedures at regular intervals also proves to be of great help for improving product quality and maintaining consistency. 

Frequently used test equipment such as oscilloscopes and digital multimeters often tend to lose their accuracy due to the adversities of manufacturing environment. When these instruments are operated in the presence of moisture, static electricity, oils, metal chips, etc, their outputs start deviating from the true values. To prevent wear and tear of expensive test instruments, it is important to set a desirable calibration frequency for them. Here are a few factors that should be taken into account while deciding the frequency of equipment calibration:

1.Technical specifications made by manufacturer

All electrical and electronic instruments come with a specification sheet, specifying the ideal time frame after which the equipment must be sent for calibration. For those who do not have much information regarding the maintenance and calibration procedures of test equipment, it is always better to follow the schedules set by the equipment manufacturers. Following the instructions carefully can save you from a lot of financial burden and issues.

2.Environmental conditions

The environment in which the equipment is used and stored plays a crucial role in determining the frequency of calibration. Physical factors such as moisture, temperature, external vibrations and static charges can impact the overall performance of the equipment. To prevent your instruments from permanent damage, it is important to take calibration schedules seriously.

3.Project starting and end dates

Typically, sending your test instruments for calibration before starting and after completing a project is considered a very healthy practice. This can prove to be an important factor for improving your product quality and making accurate measurements. It will allow you to conduct reliable testing procedures with minimum hassles.
4.Quality requirements 

Most businesses set their calibration frequency on the basis of their quality requirements. If you do not want to make any compromises on your overall product quality, you should consider sending your instruments for calibration semi-annually. Some companies even opt for monthly services for getting minor adjustments done.

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